*average turn-around is 4 to 6 weeks not including breaks and holidays

Roles & Responsibilities

JASLL Editor: The point of contact between Submitter and Associate Editor. The JASLL editor can also be selected as an anonymous* reviewer (see Editorial Board member below) by the Associate Editor.

Associate Editor:
An expert in the content submitted. The Associate Editor selects two additional anonymous Editorial Board members to review the submission using the form below. The Associate Editor summarizes the two anonymous* Editorial Board members’ review and their own review into one form, and submits to the JASLL Editor. If the two anonymous Editorial Board members differ in their recommendation for the piece, the Associate Editor will make the final decision and submit the summary of the recommendations to the JASLL Editor.

Editorial Board Member:
The expert selected by the Associate Editor. The Editorial Board member reviews submissions.

The person submitting an item for review for publication with JASLL.

Anonymity* Only the Associate Editor, the two selected editorial board members will know what transpired during the review process. After the review process is completed, the Associate Editor integrates all of the comments made by the three reviewers in the rubric below to the JASLL Editor.

The submitter may appeal the decision by responding to the JASLL Editor within 30 days with a list of their concerns. If appropriate, the JASLL Editor will then select a new Associate Editor and two new anonymous board members to review the submission.